Our company follows the latest findings and trends for web design. We intensively research innovative topics and new technologies, making sure that we only use what is from the latest advancements instead of worn-out techniques. At ZappleDesign we combine the talent of our programmers and designer, providing the best possible results.

Being one of the few excellent web design companies in our area, we guarantee for the quality of our websites. If any client feels like the website is not of their liking, we won’t ask for any money on that. Although we guarantee with this zero payment option, there were only a few cases yearly and all of the cases were due to misunderstandings or incomplete project specifications.

ZappleDesign only hires the best web programmers and they all know how to provide a good website for different types of businesses. Basically, every client of ZappleDesign will get the following (unless more or less is required):

Initial requirements
Clients provide their requirements and project specifications. It’s important that every client describes every single requirement and idea accordingly and entirely. As soon as these initial requirements are analyzed, our team of experts put their brains and visions together to come up with more sketches of possible designs.
High quality design guaranteed in every case
We value the design, thus our programmers and designer, working with your marketing staff will come up with the best design for your company. Don’t worry if you don’t have marketing assistants as we will handle the task ourselves and still come up with the same quality of design: high quality.
Following web standards with guaranteed compatibility
Nowadays, people use computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones to access websites. This is why our company always follows the latest web design and web programming standards, making sure that the websites will be correctly displayed in all existing browsers as well as on all of the mobile devices, providing a mobile version for your design.
New technologies, new tools, methods and programming/design techniques
We never stick to what was good years ago, we only stick to what is still good and in-demand. This is how ZappleDesign provides the best websites by using all of the latest tools and technologies!
Professional knowledge and portfolio
Our portfolio at ZappleDesign is very rich in content, containing a lot of successfully created websites. You can get a sense of our knowledge and previous works by checking our portfolio!