In most cases, with most businesses, a website can never be considered to be in a final form. To professionally and easily update the content on your website, keeping the style and structure, we make use of a Content Management System (CMS). There are more types of CMS systems but you’ll never have to worry on which should be used in your case as our experts will be able to choose the most suitable CMS system for your website.

At ZappleDesign we only choose stable and secure CMS systems. By constantly updating your content, your search engine rankings will keep improving. To be able to do this without significant amounts of time or efforts, a CMS is very useful. Thanks to the rapid growth and constant enhancements in features and security, our experts from ZappleDesign love to work with open source CMS systems such as WordPress. We strongly support WordPress and we even have our very own set of WordPress plugins available for free!

Advantages of a CMS powered approach:

● Enhanced SEO.
● Ensured security and stability.
● Updated website quickly and frequently, without any complications.
● Reduced website maintenance costs.
● Increased efficiency and accuracy.
● Flexibility at maximum.

Enterprise level CMS development
When dealing with the enterprise level, different things are needed to be taken into consideration. Enterprise level websites are scalable and a well-set content delivery network also needs to work with you. The need of load distribution is also essential, thus the technical approach is different. For enterprise level CMS, the open source solutions aren’t suitable as they cannot keep up with the complexity of this task. To handle enterprise level CMS development tasks accordingly, we must use CMS systems such as Interwoven, Documentum, Day Communique (CQ5) or Tridion.